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Peter Novosad


In the beginning please allow me to professionally introduce myself. After my high school studies on Gymnázium J. A. Reimana in Prešov in 2015 I began my studies on Faculty of Law of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. In 2009 I passed state exams and so finished first stage of my studies with honors so I was awarded with academic degree of Bachelor. Subsequently I continued my studies and in 2010 I passed another set of state exams so I was awarded with academic degree of Master. Immediately after I started to work as an articling attorney in the Law office of JUDr. Martin Kirňák in Prešov. During this time in 2011 I successfully passed my rigorous exam on my alma mater and was awarded with academic degree of Iuris Utruisque Doctor (JUDr.). In 2012 I successfully passed professional competence exam of insolvency administrator organized by Ministry of Justice of Slovak republic. Since 2013 I work also as insolvency administrator for personal bankruptcies, bankruptcy and restructuring procedures of business companies. I have fulfilled my practice as an articling attorney in 2013 when I successfully passed a bar exam with honors. As an independent attorney I have acted since the beginning of 2014 until August 2018. In the academic year 2015/2016 I have undertaken postgraduate studies and have been awarded with international title Master of Law (LL.M.). Since 1st September 2018 I provide complex legal service for the clients as a partner of Law office Fabian a Novosad (Advokátska kancelária Fabian a Novosad s.r.o.).

- Mostly representing in proceedings for divorce, modify paternal rights and responsibility for minor children ( contact with minors, alimenta...), - Preparation of paternal agreements,
- Representation for cancellation and dealing of community property,
- Claims for alimenta, representation in the adoption proceedings, determine / deny parenting, and many others according to the clients' needs,
Representation and advice in matters of foster care and guardianship.
Family law
- Advocacy in all stages of criminal proceedings, - Representation and redress for victims in criminal proceedings (the adhesion procedure), representation in proceedings for compensation to victims of violent crimes,
- We provide individual legal service in the field of criminal law like, drafting a complaint, the complaint against the order, request for conditional release, a request for suspension of sentence, appeal against the judgment and many others according to the requirements and needs of clients,
Representing the accused and the victims of the infringement procedure.
Criminal law
- Representing clients at the district offices, the Department for Business in matters notification, suspension, revocation trade,
- Drafting and assessment of all types of contracts and other documents in the field of commercial law,
- Application of commercial law claims of clients at court, representation at courts, in enforcement proceedings, - Fusion, division, dissolution and liquidation of companies,
For foreign bussinessmen we provide all steps to start the bussiness in Slovak Republic.
Commercial law
- Developing and comments of civil contracts (purchase contract, a contract on, deed of gift, the works contract, loan contract, lease contract, order contract, the contract of insurance, brokerage contract and others) - Establishment of legal entities (civil associations, foundations, non-profit organizations ...), - Land Law-transfer and lease of real properties, establishment of easements, liens, cancellation and settlement of tenancy in common, resolveing of relations between owners of buildings constructed on foreign lands, as well as issues related to enduring and others Drafting of accustation and other claims, representing of legal entities, of sole propietories at courts and others state authorities in all types of proceedings under the Code of Civil Procedure and other civil law,
Civil law
- Comprehensive advice in corporate bankruptcy, personal bankruptcy and debt elimination of personal entities, judicial and extrajudicial restructuring of the business, - Preparing proposals for bankruptcy, debt relief authorization, review and preparation of restructuring plans, Representing creditors in insolvency proceedings (Insolvency and Restructuring), filing claims of creditors in bankruptcy and restructuring, representation at meetings of creditors, approval meetings in creditor committees and many others.
Insolvency law
- We provide preparing and producing of various types of contracts according to requirements of clients, particularly in the areas of civil law, commercial law, copyright and intellectual property rights, and many other spheres of life,
Analysis and comments of proposed contracts, we will highlight the "weak" points and disadvantages of contracts.
Contract law
- Many years of experience allow us to povide comprehensive and particularly legal service in setting up all kinds of companies (unlimited company, joint stock company, limited partnership, wasps, and cooperatives), branches and companies of foreign persons, for our clients, we provide all necessary steps leading to foundation and formation of the company,
We provide legal service for existing companies, like changes of companies, the most frequent one is the change of statutatory bodies (unlimited company of executive), transfer of shares, change of location, change of trade name, extension of business activities, reduce and increase of capital and others,
Business register
We provide professional out of court and also judical debt recovery, in the case of valid and enforceable executive title, we also arrange debt recovery by executor,
Debt recovery
We will advise the client on what kind of way the company will cease to be the most suitable, We will provide clients with the termination of their business companies
Company abolition
- Employment advice for employees and employers, - Preparation and analysis of contracts of employment, dismissales, immediate terminations of employment, indemnity agreement and others,
Representation in courts in disputes arising from labor agenda (invalid termination of employment, wage claims, compensation, provision and application of the principle of equal opportunities and more).
Labor law


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Management Services:

Business name: JUDr. Peter Novosad, LL.M., správca
Place of business: Masarykova 16, 080 01 Prešov
IČO: 42 339 235
DIČ: 1080432496
Phone: +421 908 377 301
Zapísaný: V zozname správcov vedenom na Ministerstve spravodlivosti SR pod číslom 1624

Attorney services:

Business name: Advokátska kancelária Fabian a Novosad s.r.o.
Address: Masarykova 16, 080 01 Prešov
IČO: 51 913 984
DIČ: 2120823529
Phone: +421 951 168 437
Zapísaná: V obchodnom registri vedenom OS Prešov oddiel Sro, vložka č. 36853/P